Important! Solidarity and Support for new Occupied College ‘La Ingobernable’ ,The UnGovernable (Valencia)

Some twenty people occupy a historic higher school of the University of Valencia

Important! Solidarity and support for the companions of the newly squatting space La Ingobernable (Valencia)Posted on 2017/05/02 by   from La Rebelión de las Palabras  The Rebellion of WordsI receive in the email and I spread the following statement of the compas who are squatting the space of La Ingobernable, a new space of struggle and meeting open at the University of Valencia, squatting for a week and opened yesterday.

The assembly of the liberated space The Ungovernable communicates that after a week of squatting, and to make public this May 1st, the university has responded decisively, increasing private security (in collaboration with local and national police) until leaving us in a State of siege. This means that no person can leave or enter the building, not allowing us to provide any basic supplies such as water and food.

This is a space that the University abandoned its fate for more than 5 years, under the pretext that it was disabled and was a risk to its occupants. Not long ago the Goerlich foundation of architects denied this version, declaring that the space is in perfect condition to be used and reopened again.Image result for la ingobernable, valencia

Even so, from the ungovernable declares that it will not give in to any blackmail or threat, that we are strong and united. May the Ungovernable not be abandoned! Continue reading “Important! Solidarity and Support for new Occupied College ‘La Ingobernable’ ,The UnGovernable (Valencia)”

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