Barcelona march: Free the Facebook Five!

We denounce the persecution of anarchism and demand the release of five jailed

35 days after being arrested by the Catalan police, on orders from Madrid five young  anarchists are still imprisoned still under dispersion and isolation in the prisons of  Soto del Real, Alcala Meco, Estremera and Aranjuez. The support group in Barcelona has opened a website explaining their current situation and how to show them support. (see below)

The demonstration on Friday in Barcelona started at the main square and attracted over 200 people. The banners were at the head said Freedom is the crime being punished” and “Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Jose and Xavier. Liberty.” The police didn’t interfere

Our black flag knows no borders!
Our black flag knows no borders!

for once and we marched down the Ramblas of Barcelona, past 1000’s of tourists, while shouting slogans against state repression and in defense of freedom of expression.

The five people jailed by Judge Santiago Pedraz are accused of being part of a Facebook group (called Black Flag / Bandera Negra) which shared provocative photos, collages and political messages, attacking and laughing at politicians, monarchs and businessmen. They were also accused of participating in demonstrations where there were some violent incidents, such as the general strike of November 14, but curiously without being connected with any particular incident.

All but one of their Facebook accounts seem to have been deleted. (The one you can still see on Facebook is called ‘Eskupe Metralla’, in the police report). In fact Facebook deletes hundreds of accounts every day, mainly for porn or advertising but also for political publicising. When a particular photo or illustration is censored the whole chain of those sharing it also disappears.

If the Madrid Court really were worried about some images they had only to complain a few times to see them vanish  and the publisher punished (temporarily suspended) or deleted, any Facebook activist knows this. Instead they indulged in dramatic dawn raids on various flats, a farmhouse and an anarchist center and jailed 5 young people, including a mother of 2 small kids, indefinitely without bail. Its possible some  neo-fascist politician or security agency like the newly uncovered PRISM found or were told about the photos and asked the police to act.

'NSA' is the security agency revealed to be monitoring Facebook
‘NSA’ is the security agency revealed to be monitoring Facebook

This is about repressing an anarchist resurgence, not some Facebook photos, and the political police have succeeded to some extent in dividing opinion, by implying that the five planned to finance their revolutionary activities by selling drugs. This is incredible, they are not even accused of illegal drugs, or of ANY real incident, only Facebook sharing. They are not accused even of conspiring to do anything, just of having been present on demos which had some incidents, and having been seen on a miners support demo in Asturias.

So we see that the case against the Anarchist 5 is total rubbish, they are being held as political hostages.


you can´t lock up an idea!
you can´t lock up an idea!

During the protest yesterday the crowd loudly denounced the ideological persecution against anarchism of the operation launched by the Catalan police and the High Court. After passing through the street Fernando we reached the Plaça de Sant Jaume (followed by 7 vanloads of  the Mobile Brigade), and went up the Via Laietana, to the Cathedral  and ended at the Portal de l’Angel. At various points of the route the manifesto demanding immediate release was read out.

el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:

el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona:



200 persones denuncien la persecució a l’anarquisme i exigeixen l’alliberament dels cinc empresonats

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