UGANDA: Kato anti gay Murder

Kato Murder Re-ignites Gay Rights Debate

By Joe Opio *

KAMPALA, Feb 12, 2011 (IPS/INSP) – For the government of Uganda, the timing of David Kato’s death couldn’t have been more unfortunate. Kato was killed on Jan. 26, a national holiday to commemorate the ascent to power of the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

Kato was the face of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), an advocacy group actively campaigning against the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The international press, foreign governments and gay rights activists have cast Kato’s death as the result of the prevailing climate of homophobia in Uganda; a charge the government refutes.

via UGANDA: Kato Murder Re-ignites Gay Rights Debate – IPS

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