12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair – 14th and 15th September 2018

12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair – 14th & 15th September 2018 – Teachers Club 35 Parnell sq & Wynns

The 12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair takes place on the 15th September 2018 at the Teachers Club 35 Parnell square and on the evening ofthe 14th at Wynns hotel.

Every year hundreds of people attend the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair for a day of inspiring discussions and the opportunity of meeting lots of other radicals, browsing books and meeting campaigns.

With few days to go we are finalising the details. Continue reading “12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair – 14th and 15th September 2018”

Stop Amazon’s Slave Work Conditions. World Solidarity for Strike in Amazon Spain

Workers at Amazon’s center near Madrid took on the richest capitalist ever, Jeff Bezos , in a 3 day strike on July 16 to 18 (Amazon’s ‘Prime Sales Days’ ) against severe cuts in their working conditions.

On the second day of the strike riot police charged and viciously beat up defiant pickets, injuring many and arresting three, later released with charges. Video of the police attack in favour of Amazon went viral around the world on social media.Amazon’s management thought they could intimidate a local dispute but the assembly based strikers of the anarcho-syndicalist CGT and the CCOO called out 80% of the full time workers, nearly shutting down the operation.

International solidarity was the key breakthrough, union delegates had previously traveled to Italy and Germany to seek support. 1,200 people in six German centers seconded the strike on these same days , while in Poland there have also been days of strikes despite “completely contrary legislation”. Continue reading “Stop Amazon’s Slave Work Conditions. World Solidarity for Strike in Amazon Spain”

Anarchist CNT tried for Occupying Own Historical Property

Eleven members of the CNT have been judged for squatting (recovery) of a property

cnt zaragoza


by F. M. H. (en Castellano abajo)    Eleven members and supporters of the CNT went on trial in  the Criminal Court No. 4 of Zaragoza for squatting the old Hospice of San Jorge, in Padre Manjon Street, Zaragoza ,Delicias District from which they were evicted in February 2013 by the Police.

The Ministry of Labour, the property owner, asked for fines of 1,440 euros each for usurpation, while the prosecution that dropped charges against two of them when a police officer admitted they were not inside the building – asked  for 900 euros each.. Continue reading “Anarchist CNT tried for Occupying Own Historical Property”

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