Eugeni Gurnès: anarchist mayor executed by Spain


via Indymedia Barcelona with thanks.        Eugeni Guernès, a Catalan anarchist, driver by profession and a CNT union member, was mayor and councillor in the  Llagostera town in Girona, Catalonia. between 24 November 1936 and 10 May 1938.

When the war and the Republic were lost and the fascist coup d’etat finally triumphed he had to march to exile like so many militants. On his return he was denounced, arrested, imprisoned and subsequently sentenced to death and executed on 7 May 1943 in Girona old cemetery, where with eight more people from Llagostera he was executed by firing squad .LLAGOSTERA | DDG lived Llagostera Saturday a massive and emotional presentation of voice silenced the book on Eugeni Bou Gurn, mayor of the town between 1936 and 1939, and was executed on 7 May 1943 by the Franco regime.Eugeni and his companion Carmen Mascort

The war of resistance had ended in March 1939, but in the cemetery of Girona, more than five hundred people were shot dead between 1939 and 1945 and the dictatorship continued for nearly 40 years, with support from western powers. All of the massacred were buried in mass graves. Continue reading “Eugeni Gurnès: anarchist mayor executed by Spain”

Anarchist CNT tried for Occupying Own Historical Property

Eleven members of the CNT have been judged for squatting (recovery) of a property

cnt zaragoza


by F. M. H. (en Castellano abajo)    Eleven members and supporters of the CNT went on trial in  the Criminal Court No. 4 of Zaragoza for squatting the old Hospice of San Jorge, in Padre Manjon Street, Zaragoza ,Delicias District from which they were evicted in February 2013 by the Police.

The Ministry of Labour, the property owner, asked for fines of 1,440 euros each for usurpation, while the prosecution that dropped charges against two of them when a police officer admitted they were not inside the building – asked  for 900 euros each.. Continue reading “Anarchist CNT tried for Occupying Own Historical Property”

Autonomy in Barcelona: the Mount Zion community

by Carlos Delclós on June 26, 2013

mt zion

Echoing the area’s inspiring history of autonomous self-organization, a community of migrant workers in Barcelona now risks being thrown onto the street. Continue reading “Autonomy in Barcelona: the Mount Zion community”

The amazing story of The Anarchist Blacksmith

UmbertoSee film preview.  An Anarchist Life, Italy (English subs).

The amazing story of The Anarchist Blacksmith

It is a model story, an extraordinary adventure, a tale of revolutionary practice and tension, among anarchy and irony, simplicity, curiosity and vitality all throughout Europe, its wars and the social struggles of the 1900s. It is a story on how to live all in one breath, responsibly, diving into contradictions, “getting one’s hands dirty”, and still keeping one’s balance between theory and practice….

If you want to support the documentary project of Umberto Tommasini you can pre-purchase a copy on DVD at a cost of anarchist_dvd10 euro. The DVD will be available after completion of production, is important for us every single contribution.

CNT anarchists join lawsuit against Fascist genocide

The CNT union has filed Tuesday in Argentina a complaint against the crimes of Francoism, in a process that is handled in CARTEL-HISTORICO-INFORMACION-Y-PROPAGANDA-2this country against the genocide committed by the regime between 1936 and 1977. Thus, the central anarcosindicalista adds to actions before the courts of Buenos Aires by relatives of victims, associations recovery of historical memory and others.
CNT lawsuit against genocide Franco Argentina

As the CNT pointed out, “the international law on human rights defined as crimes against humanity, and therefore inalienable, a number of crimes, murder, torture, forced disappearance or slavery, among others-that Francoism fulfilled completely “. In this sense, it argues that “the so-called ‘Amnesty Law of 1977, passed with the votes for the PSOE, PCE and PNV parties, was actually ‘final ending’ law which guaranteed impunity for the instigators and executors of serious violations of human rights “. Continue reading “CNT anarchists join lawsuit against Fascist genocide”

31st Oct Anarchist Union Action Day Report

next in the series will be South Europe general Strike on Nov 14th

A demo of about 500 people  came in the morning to the Barcelona city center starting from Plaza Catalunya, stopping at some notorious companies where they encouraged the workers to join the strike ecundaran the day, or what they represent in terms the modern labor exploitation.

FNAC was visited, the company Apple, BBVA, etc, going down Via Laietana and the demonstration and ending in front of the Employers Central. Besides the main picket in various neighborhoods of the city there was picketing organized by neighborhood assemblies. Continue reading “31st Oct Anarchist Union Action Day Report”

Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.

Final Update Oct 30th.  the General Strike call for tomorrow will go ahead as a ‘Day Of Struggle’ with direct actions in Catalunya, plus pickets, a partial transport strike, and a demo in the evening. This is an alternative and building resistance. It’s also been backed by the CNT anarcho syndicalist union, (which is quite small as it refuses to cooperate with the State.) Of course these anarchist unions also support the Nov 14th South Europe General Strike!

Update Oct 24th.. Finally the ‘majority’ Unions have called a General Strike for Nov 14th. But the CGT are going ahead with theirs anyway.. let’s see if it works!!

(summary translated by The Free). The big sold out Unions have so far failed to back the Anarchist call but are pressured to do so. All the Unions missed the chance to strike on Sept 26th with Euskadi and Greece and link with Occupy Congress..

Unemployment continues to increase in SEPTEMBER


…..More and more workers in the unemployment line, according to just released by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security with the September data in hand. There are 79,645 new people, an increase of 1.72% compared to the end of August, which reached a staggering 4.7 million registered unemployed in INEM offices, while membership in the Social Security descends by 86,174 people….

If to this we add the precarious labor precariousness of basic rights such as education and health-victims of savage cuts, alongside the dismantling and privatization of basic public services, the picture becomes bleak, and should be considered as a real provocation and insult to our dignity….. Continue reading “Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.”

Take the Streets. Spanish Revolution update

Witnessing the umpteenth attempt demobilization and distraction by the CCOO and UGT and the institutional left, under the umbrella of an alleged Social Summit, right at the time when we suffer the most savage attacks on the rights of workers by capitalism .
We are not facing a crisis, this is a big scam, before the inevitable consequences of capitalism, promoted by the greedy policies of the IMF, World Bank, European Union and the ECB and its political arm in the Spanish state: the PP, the PSOE and his cohorts.
Attacks on workers over the years have been constant, differing in PP and PSOE forms.

Compañera de la CNT en huelga de hambre

La compañera Chus Vila, en huelga de hambre

Informamos que la compañera afiliada a la CNT, María Jesús Vila Calviño, conocida comoChus, residente en Fuerteventura, ha iniciado desde la noche del martes una huelga de hambre indefinida para protestar, no sólo por su situación personal (desempleada, sin cobrar prestaciones ni ayuda económica de ningún tipo, sin techo por no poder pagar alquiler), sino por la de tantas y tantas personas que se encuentran en similares (o peores) condiciones.

Por este motivo, Chus se ha instalado frente al edificio de la Delegación de Gobierno de Puerto Cabras (Fuerteventura), donde permanecerá día y noche con el apoyo de amigos/as, compañeros y compañeras. Hasta el momento ha recibido la visita del Consejero de Bienestar Social del Cabildo de Fuerteventura y de la Concejala de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de La Oliva. El Delegado de Gobierno ha instado a la Policía Municipal de Puerto del Rosario a que la desalojen de la plaza pública en la que se encuentra acampada.  Por otra parte, Cruz Roja de Fuerteventura ha comunicado que no puede prestarle apoyo en estos momentos por falta de personal, aun así está organizando turnos entre personas voluntarias para poder atender las necesidades de Chus. Las muestras de apoyo del pueblo de Fuerteventura han sido impresionantes y Chus está francamente emocionada.

María Jesús asegura que su decisión “es necesaria como medida de presión” para conseguir el cambio “radical” de la política social ejercida por el Gobierno que, según la huelguista, “todavía no ha entendido” que las cifras emitidas por los medios son personas, añadiendo que “si dejan morir a la gente de hambre, tirada en la calle lo verán con sus ojos”.

Adjuntamos la carta que la compañera ha presentado en la Delegación de Gobierno de Puerto Cabras, El Cabildo de Fuerteventura y el Ayuntamiento de Puerto Cabras (Puerto del Rosario), en la cual expresa claramente lo que le ha llevado a tomar esta drástica decisión.

La noticia en Menéame

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