Hacker ‘elf’ links up Money-free World..“Renuncio al dinero”

hacker elf
Hacker elf Pavlik, 30, has been living moneyless and stateless for the past four years. But despite his choice to abstain from the money-driven rat race of the global economic system, he lives up to his nickname: “elf” works tirelessly.Not for money, but to satisfy his passion to impact the world and change it in a positive way. Continue reading “Hacker ‘elf’ links up Money-free World..“Renuncio al dinero””

Serial of The Free. Ch 20. Gobble-de-Gook Café

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Act Two  Chapter Twenty

Gobble-de-Gook Café

-‘How can it be free? It’s impossible.’-


We’d planned to go on free-bikes, but I was much too wrecked. And Lucy could hardly sit down. We called an air-cab. As we were waiting we watched a high yellow crane, swinging the green head of a windmill above the clinic.

       -‘More clean energy?’– she said. Continue reading “Serial of The Free. Ch 20. Gobble-de-Gook Café”

A mutual aid network that yearns to transform.

cos I wanna be……Momey-tree!

Cooperative Integrated Catalans Coop is a good example of a work/consume collective with its own credit system. Its  a working tool and use and  buying collective proposing solidarity, a social currency and  building  homes in the middle of the European crisis.

(ANSOL.) – About 70 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​850 Spanish formed a year ago Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), a structure that proposes cooperative thinking and lifestyle combining work and consumption into a single entity.

“The  comprehensive cooperative is a step beyond consumer cooperatives, it seeks also to provide services, creating a network of trust between the people associated that will cover many aspects of his life and a desire to transform” explained legal team responsible for CIC, Gema Palamos, according to the newspaper Diagonal. Continue reading “A mutual aid network that yearns to transform.”

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