The Security Guards at the Barcelona airport continue their partial strike into shocking oppression. Although today the situation has improved thousands of people have had to wait more than two hours to be searched in line this week.
25% of Barcelona’s income comes from tourists and there are suspicions that the state is behind a wave of attempts to sabotage the industry (among others) that coincides with the referendum on independence.
Striking workers have been negotiating with Eulen‘s leadership which has shown little interest in meeting workers’ resistance to wage cuts, fueling rumors in Catalonia that something more sinister is going on.
The Generalitat has  always unsuccessfully demanded that  the management of Barcelona Airport be passed from Madrid to Catalonia ..Strangely, Eulen  is in charge of private security at more than 30 airports throughout Spain, however, El Prat de Barcelona is the only airport that experiences an industrial action involving its workers this summer.

In addition, the company has very close ties with the governing People’s Party (PP): Eulen’s major shareholders include the brothers of former Spain’s defense minister, Jaime Mayor Oreja, and have even been accused of paying illegal ‘commissions’ To the Partido Popular’.

The PP has repeatedly threatened to punish  Catalonia financially for its separatist aspirations.

Image result for tourist bus sabotaged in barcelona

Attack on a tire of a Tourist Bus highlighted in Headlines around the whole World    

 Last week young people from ARRAN slightly damaged a tourist bus in Barcelona as part of the campaign against the saturation of tourists in the city .. The news went viral in blazing headlines all over the world, promoted by the far-right Spanish media. But is it mere coincidence that this dangerous anti-tourist revolt finally erupts just before the Independence Referendum, after so many years of enduring them? Or could the rumors of the ‘Media GAL’ of the State be relevant,  with a police ‘Un-limited Budget Available’ which includes possible  ‘Infiltracions en … entitats sobiranistes’.?  (Infiltrations into Independentist Circles) Tourism is unpopular but brings in 25% of local income . see below.


Barcelona reports: 300 Riot Cops evict Fees Camp + Combat LGBTI Phobia Night Demo

´Barcelona reports..     Students set up camp, closing the main Via Laietana for 3 hours before being  brutally evicted by 300 cops at midnight… A few days later a large LGBTI demo reclaimed the night, marching round the cityand resisting all attacks.  .

by JESÚS RODRÍGUEZ  at La Directa.(summarized Translation The Free )               A contingent of 300  Catalan Riot  Police evicted more than 200 students who wanted to camp in front of the headquarters of the Secretariat for Universities in Barcelona.

They were  demand a reduction of 30% of university fees and masters degrees, some claims already approved by the Parliament of Catalonia  but  not put into practice. That’s why hundreds of demonstrators resorted yesterday Via Laietana -in the context of the second day of student mobilizations .

 Combat LGBTI Phobia Night Demo

See photos and videos on Twitter here of this brilliant demo!!.

The student’s fees camp was confronted by  four whole units of the Mobile Riot Brigade -some 300 agents who were ordered out by the Minister of Interior Jordi Jané:
Hundreds of people blocked the main street for hours shouting “resistance, resistance” or “it will always be our street. Continue reading “Barcelona reports: 300 Riot Cops evict Fees Camp + Combat LGBTI Phobia Night Demo”

The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles….
translated mostly from post below by Jesus Rodriquez, with thanks.

 The prosecution requested five years prison each for a boycott campaign of  the dept. store chain El Corte Inglés, which are upmarket stores histrorically controlled by far right anti-union commercial interests.

The three militants of the CNT Barcelona are accused of crimes of obstruction of justice and coercion in a boycott campaign started in the fall of 2015, which was in solidarity against the trial of two anarchists for picketing incidents at one of the stores back in the general strike of 29 March 2012.

The boycott was a success and the original 3 picketers were cleared, but then 24 people were accused of the Boycott, now reduced to only three, but demanding long sentences.   Continue reading “The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles”

El Fracking Gas de EEUU llega pronto en España #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump

 ACTUALIZACIÓN... Aún no llega el Gas del Fracking. El barco La Mancha Knutsen se desvió y el próximo peligro es el metanero de Gas  Natural Fenoso Cadiz Knutsen que llega ya ( 9 de Mayo) a Louisiana para recojer gas del fracking #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump

STOP a la inundación del Gas de Fracking que Gas Natural Fenosa trae a España

La construcción de. segundo ‘train’ de LNG para Gas Natural Fenosa en Sabine Pass en los humedales de Louisiana, 2015 (google maps)

read in English below and here.. en català abaix y aquí

 *se propone usar el hashtag  # NoAlFrackGasDelTrump para informar y promover la resistencia al Gas del Fracking

Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) tiene contrato para recibir centenares de cargamentos del Gas LNG, casi todo del Fracking que está arrasando EEUU, causando innumerables cánceres, acuíferos envenenados y una nube enorme y permanent de metano visible del espacio que agrava bastante la crisis del clima mundial.

Los contratos de GNF están  firmados para 20 años empezando en Agosto/Sept. del 2017. Pero hemos averiguado que algunos cargamentos llegarán antes como en periodo de pruebas. La destinación  queda en secreto pero será probablemente al puerto de Barcelona que tiene mucho espacio de almacenamiento (o a cualquier de las 7 plantas de regasificación).

manifestacion_contra_fracking_en Burgos
GNF ha fletado ya  al menos 4 barcos tipo ‘LNG Knutsen’ para hacer el negocio. Uno de ellos, el nuevo ‘La Mancha Knutsen’, acaba de salir de Algeciras (30 de marzo, 2017) rumbo a Sabine Pass en Louisiana, dónde se recoge el gas en forma de LNG para el contrato de Gas Natural. Esta información viene del sitio Vessel Finder AQUI…ver destination. Llegada a Sabine Pass 20  de Abril.
ACTUALIZACIÓN... Aún no llega el Gas del Fracking. El barco La Mancha Knutsen se desvió y el próximo peligro es el metanero de Gas  Natural Fenoso Cadiz Knutsen que llega ya (9 de Mayo) a Louisiana para recojer gas del fracking
current ship flag: Spain

vessel photo LA MANCHA KNUTSEN


APR 01, 2017 13:09 UTC
Sailing to / ETA SABINE PASS / Apr 20, 09:00
CourseN/A Speed14.3 kn Current draught9.3 m
Gross Tonnage114000 t BuiltN/A IMO number9721724
Deadweight81605 t Size290 x 46 m MMSI224444000

Ante estos hechos, son fundados los temores para pensar que van a empezar ya con su negocio inmoral que promueve  los crímenes que están arrasando el clima y la biosfera mundial, envenenando el aire que respiramos.

Si es así que el metanero La Mancha Knutsen  va a recoger el primero cargamento de gas de fracking para GNF, llegará a España entre el día 10 y día 20 de Mayo, que nos deja tiempo para averiguar a qué puerto viene.

Continue reading “El Fracking Gas de EEUU llega pronto en España #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump”

‘Take them in!’ 500,000 march for Refugees in Barcelona

‘Take them in!’ Massive Barcelona march urges Madrid to welcome refugees View image on Twitter

“Enough Excuses! Take Them In Now!” and “No More Deaths, Open The Borders!” slogans have been heard since 4 pm in Barcelona when hundreds of thousands gathered in support of the refugees. Over 5000 people died by drowning in the Mediterranean last year trying to escape to Europe. Continue reading “‘Take them in!’ 500,000 march for Refugees in Barcelona”

Barcelona Bank Squat Center re-occupied and re-evicted

Protected by a crowd of sympathisers several activists with metal cutting saws removed the steel plates this morning from the famous evicted  Banc Okupat in Gracia , Barcelona.cyrun7twqaea5pa

For some hours there was jubilation but on this occasion the Catalan Mossos police were well prepared. Seven vanloads of riot police appeared, dispersed the crowds of supporters and proceeded immediately with a new evictioncysjm5bxeai_3bf

Inside the occupied bank they found at least 18 people who were identified and set free. Continue reading “Barcelona Bank Squat Center re-occupied and re-evicted”

Barcelona’s Complex Struggle to Advance the Commons

On a visit to Barcelona last week, I learned a great deal about the City’s pioneering role in developing “the city as a commons.”  I also learned that crystallizing a new commons paradigm – even in a city committed to cooperatives and open digital networks – comes with many gnarly complexities.

The Barcelona city government is led by former housing activist Ada Colau, who was elected mayor in May 2015.  She is a leader of the movement that became the political party Barcelona En Comú (“Barcelona in Common”). Once in office,Image result for barcelona commons

Colau halted the expansion of new hotels, a brave effort to prevent “economic development” (i.e., tourism) from hollowing out the city’s lively, diverse neighborhoods. As a world city, Barcelona is plagued by a crush of investors and speculators buying up real estate, making the city unaffordable for ordinary people. Continue reading “Barcelona’s Complex Struggle to Advance the Commons”

Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests


The bad news is that the Migrant Prison was reopened after a court order, under control of national police from Madrid, though there is now a legal battle by the Catalan authorities to close it down.

latest update The Catalan Govt has been taken over by the rightwing Central Spanish Govt and all progressive laws abolished.. including pro-refugees..anti-climate change..anti-bullfighting..anti-fracking..  etc

'NO to Racist persecution' 'Migrating is NOT a Crime'...
‘NO to Racist persecution’ ‘Migrating is NOT a Crime’…

Barcelona City Council  has prohibited the re-opening of the local Foreigners Prison (CIE), which is run by the far-right central government in Madrid, on technical and safety grounds, claiming a victory for Human Rights.

A rare victory against the abuse and criminalisation of migrants in Europe..!!!
18 June demo for closure of Barcelona Foreigners Prison
The Platform of organisations campaigning for the closure of the Detention Center were celebrating the victory last night, which comes after a long series of pickets and growing demonstrations, which culminated in winning a vote in the Catalan Parliament demanding the closure of the CIE prison.

In Spain there are 8 Foreigners Prisons (CIE’s) which are controlled by central government. The campaigners emphasize the need to close them all, especially those in Madrid and Valencia.. Continue reading “Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests”

the VIDEO..Demo and Riot over Eviction of Occupied Bank.. Day 1.

bank eviction

Vila de Gràcia, 23/05 / 2016.-    After eight hours resisting the Expropriated Bank has been evicted. In the afternoon, a large demonstration in the streets of Gracia travels back to the bank and tries to reoccupy it. That’s when the Tiot Police attack and begin their charges, including use of projectiles FOAM.
More videos [Contrainfos]

Vila de Gràcia, 23/05/2016.- Després de 8 hores resistint, el Banc Expropiat ha estat desallotjat. Per la tarda, una nombrosa manifestació transita pels carrers de Gràcia per tornar al Banc i intentar reokupar-lo. És llavors quan arriben els mossos d´esquadra i comencen les càrregues, amb projectils FOAM inclosos.
Més videos [Contrainfos]:

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