Barcelona: Evicted families take 6 bank-owned blocks

MASS SQUATTING nowby Núria Bonet 24 01 13 (en castellano abajo)
The Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) now drives a campaign to promote “civil disobedience” and extend the relocation of poor families who are homeless in empty promotions in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

About thirty families are living in Vallès are okupying entire blocks. There are six buildings owned by the banks, and until recently, empty. Due to the slow management response to the drama of mass mortgage  evictions, the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) now drives a campaign to promote “civil disobedience” and extend the relocation of poor families who remain homeless empty in Barcelona promotions and its metropolitan area. Continue reading “Barcelona: Evicted families take 6 bank-owned blocks”

ZAD battles on: Rohanne Forest: This is Far from Over!

no ZAD

Wednesday 28 November 2012, by zadist

The Rohanne Forest, in the centre of the ZAD. People lived there fairly peacefully for around two years, in a big communal house and scattered treehouses.

The police came and destroyed the house what seems like a long long time ago, on the 18th October 2012.

A new communal was built high up in the trees. The cops came back with climbers and destroyed all the treehouses including the communal on the 30th and 31st October.

Another new communal was built. They came back on the 5th November and destroyed that one too.

Then things started to get interesting. Continue reading “ZAD battles on: Rohanne Forest: This is Far from Over!”

Woman suicides before debt eviction. Demos..

Another capitalist murder : A woman commits suicide in Barakaldo when they were coming to evict her home .

A 53 year old woman has died in Barakaldo after throwing herself out the window when a judicial commission would proceed to eviction her home, according to Europa Press.

Apparently, she was perched on a chair and was threw herself into space from the fourth floor of the building and died on the spot.

The government spokesman Lakua, Idoia Mendia, has reported that the deceased is Amaia Egaña, wife of PSE Barakaldo, ex counsellor Jose Manuel Asensio, who has been treated at the scene by psychologists. The victim lived at the home with her husband and son, 21 years old.

Protest Demonstrations

‘Stop Evictions’ of Biscay have called a concentration at 21.00 at night outside the home.. In Donostia, the protest will take place at 19.00 in the Boulevard.
The association Berri-Otxoak has organized a demonstration at 1930, that depart from the Court of Barakaldo. Continue reading “Woman suicides before debt eviction. Demos..”

Runnymede Eco Village.. Occupy in Common

Runnymede Eco-Village

Runnymede Eco-Village is situated in the disused woodland of the ex-Brunel university Runnymede Campus owned by the private property developer: Orchid Runnymede.   

We: a group of 15 people, have been living on the Runnymede Campus since June 15th.  The 65 acre campus lies in the Green Belt (although it is designated as a major development site) but since 2007 has lain largely unused.

Orchid Runnymede has been granted planning permission to build ‘luxury homes’, elderly care units and student accommodation on the site.  This plan has attracted concern and criticism from local residents (see this local news article from last year) Continue reading “Runnymede Eco Village.. Occupy in Common”

Save Can Piella..

“Precautionary”  Eviction Order for Can Piella

save this revolutionary international SIGN HERE Sign

Why Can Piella?

With self-management, autonomy and collective work as central pillars, Can Piella wants to build and disseminate an alternative model of society,

The Judicial Hearing of Cerdanyola del Valles has issued an eviction order for the country house of Can Piella from next October 15th. This measure aims to end the occupation of public land, which for three years has been carried out by associated neighbors… Continue reading “Save Can Piella..”

12 Ways to Escape Debts to Criminal Banks

Due to the ”crisis” and the Libor loan rate fixing crimes, millions of us have lost or are in danger of losing our homes and/or liberty, while the 1% have moved up to $600 trillions of our credit to tax havens. Amazing but tyrue!

For me the best solution is community real wealth sharing, without money or nations. But this may be some time in coming.

Meanwhile if you’re trapped in debt here’s some ideas for fighting back.

1) Sue the banks, maybe an idea for a large group of pissed off victims. They took billions by rigging the Libor rates. We want it all back.

2)Go public. Don’t blame yourself, ask neighbourhood and occupy groups for help. Because its they who are robbing you!…….. Continue reading “12 Ways to Escape Debts to Criminal Banks”

Barcelona / apoyo mutua! / Mutual Aid Works..Eviction of 300 stopped

de 300 veïns
per @assembleapoble9 16 jul 2012

Els 300 veïns del Poblenou que estan amenaçats per un macro desallotjament al carrer Puigcerdà 127,

Poble Nou Narcelona warehouse..300 homeless.
Eviction fails due to solidarity of 500 people

podran seguir a la nau ocupada fins que el jutge dicti nova ordre, gràcies al suport veïnal!

The 300 residents of Poblenou that are threatened by a macro eviction of homeless people from Puigcerdà 127 Street, will remain  in the occupied warehouse until the judge issues another order, thanks to support from neighbors! Continue reading “Barcelona / apoyo mutua! / Mutual Aid Works..Eviction of 300 stopped”

Evicted mortgagee sledgehammers 3 banks

A man evicted from his home in Palma hammering destroys three banks

Grisa I., citizen aged 30, was evicted from his home a few days ago for not paying the relevant mortgage payments. Late Saturday night took his particular revenge.

According account the local corporate media, the male, late on Saturday night, when viewed in the street, grabbed a sledge hammer and large masonry lashed the windows of three banks popping windows and ATMs. Continue reading “Evicted mortgagee sledgehammers 3 banks”

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