BBC censors the Smashing of Guardian’s Hard Drives

Today 20th August I  can find no mention in the BBC online that their sister media outlet The Guardian was forced by police to destroy hard drives with leaked info of US security crimes, in their basement yesterday. Incredible but I just spent half an hour searching, check yourself!. ah, but of course, the BBC is controlled by the British Government. A story that is second most popular in the Washington Post ISN’T WORTH REPORTING the next day in the BBC. Is this pre-nazi Germany or what?!big brother

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Turkish killer Cops seizing Taksim at dawn, Gezi Park resists!

“Every place is Taksim, every place resistance,” the protesters chanted.

_68100136_68100135Turkish riot police have moved into Istanbul’s Taksim Square, which has been occupied by anti-government protesters for close to two weeks.Officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets, leading many protesters to flee the square into adjoining Gezi Park, where many have been camping.

Police dispersed chanting crowd and the human chain with very strong tear gas. #Taksim almost empty now. #gezipark

— Zeynep Erdim (@zeynep_erdim) June 11, 2013

The move into the square by police comes after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to meet the protest organisers on Wednesday. With total cynicism the police appealed to the crowds ”not to attack them” as they themselves attacked with tear gas and smashed down barricades.

Incredibly the police chief claimed they had only come to remove a banner from the statue of Ataturk.

Backed by armoured vehicles, officers wearing helmets and carrying shields gathered around the square early on Tuesday before moving past barricades erected by protesters. They removed protesters’ banners which had been hung from a building overlooking the square.n_48004_4

Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu said the police had no intention of breaking up the protest in Gezi Park.

“Our aim is to remove the signs and pictures on Ataturk statue and the Ataturk Cultural Centre. We have no other aim,” he wrote on Twitter. “Gezi Park and Taksim will not be touched.” A similar message was broadcast by police via loudspeaker, but protesters in the square said they did not believe this.

 SOLIDARITY APPEAL #turkishrevolution The platform of groups participating in the Taksim Square Occupation are calling for worldwide support and solidarity as they are again attacked, beaten, gassed, arrested and killed by State forces

The BBC’s Mark Lowen, who is in the square, says this was a deliberate show of force that may jeopardise Wednesday’s talks.

The demonstrations are now in their 12th day, with activists controlling much of Taksim Square. The unrest was sparked after police moved to suppress environmental protests over the redevelopment of Gezi Park on 31 May._68099775_68099774

Three people have died and more than 5,000 have been injured since the protests began.

The attack seems designed to intimidate and show Erdogan to be a macho hero to his supporters, while cleaning the Gezi park still occupied, for fear of the giant mass protests against him.

AKP party plans curb on Twitter

The ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) has vowed to begin censoring Twitter in an effort to curb “dangerous” slander, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reports.  It quotes Ali Şahin, the AKP’s vice chairman of media, as saying: ”A tweet containing lies and slander is much more dangerous than a vehicle loaded with a bomb. The explosion of a vehicle loaded with a bomb would be limited, but a tweet filled with lies and slander can lead to a climate of conflict. If the situation is serious, necessary precautions must be taken.”   Last week the prime minister, Erdogan, branded Twitter a menace to society.

Como el 1% de Ricos controla la Política Mundial

Climate Change Capitalism Destroys the Planet Earth23 de feb 2013 (traducción Google corregido por thefreeonline) (en inglés abajo)

Multimillonarios se esconden detrás de una red de grupos “independientes”, que manipulan la política en su favor.

Por George Monbiot

No existen conspiraciones contra el público mucho más feas que esta. El Guardian reveló la semana pasada que dos organizaciones secretas que trabajan para los multimillonarios estadounidenses han gastado $ 118 millones para asegurar que no se toman medidas para evitar el cambio climático causados ​​por el hombre (1). Mientras que inflige un sufrimiento incalculable a los pueblos del mundo, sus fundadores han utilizado estas estructuras opacas para garantizar que sus identidades nunca son expuestos. Continue reading “Como el 1% de Ricos controla la Política Mundial”

Video proof. Police and Nazis attack together.

Greek police and Golden dawn neo Nazis with their blue and white flags rolled), photographed before attacking ‘immigrants’, i.e. anyone with a darker skin.

Darker Net presents an extraordinary video, only just released, showing evidence of Greek police collaborating with Golden Dawn members in attacks on immigrants and on demonstrators supporting immigrants.

The video includes secretly filmed footage of cops bussing in neo-nazis to demonstrations and of Golden Dawn members assaulting immigrants, including a knife attack….. Continue reading “Video proof. Police and Nazis attack together.”

BBC changes fracking story to help ‘deniers’

Published: May 8th 2012 – at 2:36 pm

BBC changes fracking story to help ‘deniers’

”this is typical BBC double think. Their mask of fairness slips every time they support the criminal British State”
by Tim Fenton     No matter how cautiously the words are phrased, and in spite of a range of caveats, when a former minister mentions the subject of shale gas live on the BBC, the hacks’ antennae twitch to attention and those words are instantly spun.

And the Beeb’s own report hasn’t helped matters, as it has relayed the sentiments of Chris Smith, who is now head of the Environment Agency.

Smith, recently elevated to the Peerage, has given cautious support to the extraction of gas from shale, but is by no means cheerleading: Continue reading “BBC changes fracking story to help ‘deniers’”

Greedy climate politicians trash the World

greedy politicians doom our children

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..

The latest climate Talks in Durban are set to be an obscene farce as countries vie to be the greediest, stupidest, cruelest and most destructive. We need a revolution NOW, since the Nation States  REFUSE to adopt any reformist solutions, in the name of humanity and the millions of other species threatened with extinction…lets Occupy the Environment

Not content with burying the remains of the Kyoto Protocol the proposal is to  DO NOTHING until at least 2015. Continue reading “Greedy climate politicians trash the World”

Discovery Channel BANS Climate Change News

Discovery Channel has stated that it was taking out the last episode due to ‘scheduling conflicts’, but others believe the channel is cutting the episode ‘On Thin Ice’ because it deals directly with the impacts of global warming on the Arctic and Antarctic.

My bet is that Discovery and other channels were yet again quietly bought off by the Climate Change Deniers, financed by the swill of 100s of billions profit made by the criminal oil companies every year, while paying NONE of the costs to the  climate, environment and pollution caused ill health and deaths which they caused.

And the US is not alone, around one third of the networks to air the series worldwide have opted on accepting the series from the BBC without the last episode.

“It’s a bit like pressing the stop button on Titanic just as the iceberg appears,” a representative with Greenpeace told The Telegraph. “Climate change is the most important part of the polar story, the warming in the Arctic can’t be denied, it’s changing the environment there in ways that are making experts fearful for the future.”

There is a cheap, CO2 and pollution free alternative to oil, at least for transport, suppressed by the oil companies.. That’s NH3 fuel, check it out here.  note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. Continue reading “Discovery Channel BANS Climate Change News”

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