Washington Nuke Admits 2nd Major Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated

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 Just under two weeks since the emergency at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state (following a tunnel collapse), NBC’s local affiliate King5 reports Hanford’s owner, The U.S. Department of Energy, is scrambling to deal with a second emergency – signs have emerged that a massive underground double shell nuclear waste holding tank may be leaking.

The tank is known as AZ 101 and was put into service in 1976. The tank’s life was expected to be 20 years. Now it has been holding hot, boiling radioactive and chemically contaminated waste for 41 years.

This 2013 @ENERGY graph shows expected life of AZ tanks holding hot, liquid nuclear waste. Now 21 years past expected use. @SecretaryPerry

$10 million per minute given by States to Fossil Fuel Criminals

Your Taxes Subsidize Dirty Oil Corporations By $5.3 TRILLION

Source   via  trueactivist.com     A recent paper released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) should shock all of us who believe in a green future based on renewable energy.

Despite stark warnings from scientists, fossil fuel subsidies continue to grow: this year alone, it is estimated that dirty coal and energy corporations will receive a staggering $5.3 trillion from governments worldwide.

The worst predicted impacts of climate change are starting to happen — and much faster than climate scientists expected..The Sixth Mass Extinction Is Upon Us: Can Humans Survive?

To put this into perspective, the sum is more than the healthcare budget of all the countries in the world combined. It works out at $600 million per hour, $10 million per minute, and $200,000 per second. Just imagine what we could do with that kind of money.

We could eradicate poverty, invest in clean energy, boost health and education systems, start a food revolution, and create more jobs in these industries as a result. Instead of the logical option, our governments choose to spend our tax dollars on propping up the same corporations that are poisoning us and the planet (while making ridiculously huge profits at the same time).– Continue reading “$10 million per minute given by States to Fossil Fuel Criminals”

Ecocide re-Legalised: Trump gets Licence for Frackers to Destroy Climate and Environment

Big Oil just Got a Free Pass on reporting lethal Fracking Methane

A farmer lights ground water bubbling up from a fresh water spring on his farm in Western Pennsylvania. The gas bubbles started one day after this property was fracked for natural gas extraction. The farmer's horses stopped drinking this water the day the bubbles appeared. This spring flows into a creek which feeds a larger river.
A farmer lights ground water bubbling up from a fresh water spring on his farm in Western Pennsylvania. The gas bubbles started one day after this property was fracked for natural gas extraction. The farmer’s horses stopped drinking this water the day the bubbles appeared. This spring flows into a creek which feeds a larger river.

adapted  from BRIEFLY with thanks     The Trump controlled Environment Protection Agency,EPA, thumbed its nose at another Obama-era environmental rule, withdrawing a request that operators of oil and gas sites submit information on methane emissions.shutterstock_175228703

Cancelling  crucial methane control is a blatant crime against humanity and the planet perpetrated to feed the naked greed of US billionaire capitalists,. It is also an insult to the thousands of scientists and environmentalists and public who have dedicated years to getting this key step in climate control.

”Satellite data demonstrates fugitive emissions that are an order of magnitude greater during the extraction and storage phase than with non fracked natural gas, with  average losses, including distribution representing 6-8% of production. The figure of 6% makes shale gas two times worse than coal from a climate change perspective”.

Continue reading “Ecocide re-Legalised: Trump gets Licence for Frackers to Destroy Climate and Environment”

To end Ecocide we must stop Femicide: Berta’s memory and the Struggle Go On.

by Camila Rolando Mazzuca & Brototi Roy    at the Ecologist,  ..  shared with thanks  ..  3rd March, 2017hq720-1

Berta Caceres’ murder and its perpetrators’ non-penalization is not an isolated case, but one among numerous environmental activists across the world whose murders go unpunished. Picture credit: http://www.tercerainformacion.es/antigua/spip.php?article99997

 March 8 is World Women Day, but today (March 3) there’s another good reason to reflect on the role of women in society, write CAMILLA ROLANDO MAZZUCA & BROTOTI ROY. On this day last year the awarded environmental activist Berta Caceres was killed

Lack of governmental investigation, police or military complicity and increasing criminalization of social protest are some of the numerous common features of today’s environmental justice conflicts from all over the world. Continue reading “To end Ecocide we must stop Femicide: Berta’s memory and the Struggle Go On.”

Thirty Seconds To Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call??

   more mega-doom from  from celebrated lefties.. only unfortunately they’re quite right

armageddonImage by Ben Salter with thanks

from… Dandelion Salad ..Filmmaker Regis Tremblay states what few others dare to say. Humanity is on the brink of extinction! Nuclear power is not safe. 48 of America’s nuclear power plants are leaking and there is no way to get rid of nuclear waste.

America’s reckless provocations of both Russia and China, two nuclear-armed countries, risk a nuclear holocaust from which no one survives. Climate change and global warming, if not mitigated immediately, will end the human experiment on earth sooner rather than later.

A shocking documentary that traces the origins of U.S. genocides, military interventions and wars from the 15th century when the white, colonial explorers first came to the Americas to the very present. American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, and the right to claim the earth and its resources as their own are the beliefs that are the foundation of American foreign policy in the 21st Century that has humanity on the brink of extinction. Continue reading “Thirty Seconds To Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call??”

Ecocide: Catastrophic dam in Ethiopia to wipe out Unique Cultures

5939243629_8f1991e0de_bOne of the most controversial dams in history has been  inaugurated. The Gibe III dam has put an end to the natural flooding of Ethiopia’s Omo River, on which 100,000 indigenous people depend and a further 100,000 rely indirectly. 

Experts have warned that this could also mean the end for Lake Turkana in Kenya – the world’s largest desert lake – and disaster for the 300,000 tribespeople living along its shores.descarga-1

The dam was built by Italian engineering giant Salini Impregilo, against which Survival has filed a formal complaint that is still ongoing. Plans are now underway to build the Gibe IV and Gibe V dams downriver. Continue reading “Ecocide: Catastrophic dam in Ethiopia to wipe out Unique Cultures”

Peaceful warrior: Permaculture visionary Bill Mollison

Permaculture 'inventor' Bill Mollison, who died this weekend. Photo: Permaculture Association / Magazine.
Permaculture ‘inventor’ Bill Mollison, who died this weekend. Photo: Permaculture Association / Magazine.

Australian educator, author and co-inventor of Permaculture, Bruce Charles ‘Bill’ Mollison, died on the 24 September 2016 in Sisters Creek, Tasmania. He has been praised across the world for his visionary work, and left behind a global network of ‘peaceful warriors’ in over 100 countries working tirelessly to fulfill his ambition to build harmony between humanity and Mother Earth.

The Tasmanian rainforests gave him the founding structure for his life’s passion, Permaculture: the idea that we could consciously design sustainable systems which enabled human beings to live within their means and for all wildlife to flourish with us.

Born 1928 in the Bass Strait fishing village of Stanley, Tasmania, Bill’s life story included backwoodsman, academic, storyteller, lady’s man, and to many just ‘Uncle Bill’, doing all these things par excellence.

Bill was co-founder, with David Holmgren, of the permaculture movement – a worldwide network of remarkable resilience, with organisations now operating in 126 countries and projects in at least 140, inspiring individuals and communities to take initiatives in fields as diverse as food production, building design, community economics and community development. Continue reading “Peaceful warrior: Permaculture visionary Bill Mollison”



Investigative reporter, TOM FAWTHROP has just returned from the site of the Don Sahong – a hydrodam being constructed in the middle of an eco-paradise of wetlands in Southern Laos where over 200 fish species have been recorded.

Increasingly the Mekong has become an arena of unilateral ‘water grabbing’ for the sole purpose of hydro-dam construction by China and Lao, with scant regard for good governance in water sharing or for the protection of the rich biodiversity.

The Four Thousands Islands (Sipangdon) in southern Laos, has long beguiled explorers tourists and locals with its vast number of islets, spectacular waterfalls and 26 major islands. Over a stretch of 50 kms the mighty Mekong River splits into seven major braided channels. This pristine area of precious wetlands screamed out for international protection as provided for under the Ramsar Convention, a protection that has been embraced by Cambodia just two kilometres away across the border.untitled_image_1_452456

But the Lao authoritarian state opted for a hydropower dam, rather than Ramsar protection for endangered dolphins, the abundant fisheries and one of the region’s most cherished waterscapes. Continue reading “MEKONG MADNESS: STOP DAMS KILLING THE LARGEST INLAND FISHERIES”

Is Climate Chaos triggering Earthquake Disasters?

Last week we heard that the Earth’s wobble has changed due to massive ice-melt already in April. This week 5 massive earthquakes have struck in 2 days…


Climate change will shake the Earth

  A changing climate isn’t just about floods, droughts and heatwaves. It brings erupting volcanoes and catastrophic earthquakes too.

As the Earth’s crust buckles, volcanic activity will increase.

reblogged from The Guardian  The idea that a changing climate can persuade the ground to shake, volcanoes to rumble and tsunamis to crash on to unsuspecting coastlines seems, at first, to be bordering on the insane. How can what happens in the thin envelope of gas that shrouds and protects our world possibly influence the potentially Earth-shattering processes that operate deep beneath the surface?images

The fact that it does reflects a failure of our imagination and a limited understanding of the manner in which the different physical components of our planet – the atmosphere, the oceans, and the solid Earth, or geosphere – intertwine and interact.

‘GPS measurements reveal that the crust beneath the Greenland ice sheet is already rebounding in response to rapid melting, providing the potential – according to researchers – for future earthquakes, as faults beneath the ice are relieved of their confining load.’

If we think about climate change at all, most of us do so in a very simplistic way: so, the weather might get a bit warmer; floods and droughts may become more of a problem and sea levels will slowly creep upwards. Continue reading “Is Climate Chaos triggering Earthquake Disasters?”

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