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Houston, is my Vagina a Problem for you?

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Houston, is my vagina a problem for you?

by Nasreen Amina | Mariposas en la Tormenta

As if it wasn’t bad enough, attacking women just for the symbolic category of being a woman, now the system, with a repressive twist against biology itself , is attacking the vagina, with its cycles and natural fluids included.

What’s going on with the vagina? Lately, advertising round the world seems to not want them. Haven’t you noticed? Now there’s one more reason for the system to make us feel something is wrong with us: We have vaginas. Continue reading “Houston, is my Vagina a Problem for you?”

Anarcha-Feminism! Lets annihalate Patriarchy !

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What is Anarcha Feminism??

Although opposition to the state and all forms of authority had a strong voice among the early feminists of the 19th century, the more recent feminist movement which began in the 1960’s was founded upon anarchist practice. This is where the term anarcha-feminism came from, referring to women anarchists who act within the larger feminist and anarchist movements to remind them of their principles.

The modern anarcha-feminists built upon the feminist ideas of previous anarchists, both male and female. Indeed, anarchism and feminism have always been closely linked. Many outstanding feminists have also been anarchists, including Continue reading “Anarcha-Feminism! Lets annihalate Patriarchy !”

Cancer Cure.. Drug Destroys Tumours in Mice, Human Trials Begin

 cancer cure(( UPDATES 2015 : People for CD47 Cancer Cures | Facebook…CD47.           Clinical trials have already begun and many teams and companies are scrambling to develop anti-CD47 therapies and variants. So far it’s all GREEN LIGHT for the cure to work in humans, but it may not be available to the public for at least 5 years.)) Continue reading “Cancer Cure.. Drug Destroys Tumours in Mice, Human Trials Begin”

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