Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.

Final Update Oct 30th.  the General Strike call for tomorrow will go ahead as a ‘Day Of Struggle’ with direct actions in Catalunya, plus pickets, a partial transport strike, and a demo in the evening. This is an alternative and building resistance. It’s also been backed by the CNT anarcho syndicalist union, (which is quite small as it refuses to cooperate with the State.) Of course these anarchist unions also support the Nov 14th South Europe General Strike!

Update Oct 24th.. Finally the ‘majority’ Unions have called a General Strike for Nov 14th. But the CGT are going ahead with theirs anyway.. let’s see if it works!!

(summary translated by The Free). The big sold out Unions have so far failed to back the Anarchist call but are pressured to do so. All the Unions missed the chance to strike on Sept 26th with Euskadi and Greece and link with Occupy Congress..

Unemployment continues to increase in SEPTEMBER


…..More and more workers in the unemployment line, according to just released by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security with the September data in hand. There are 79,645 new people, an increase of 1.72% compared to the end of August, which reached a staggering 4.7 million registered unemployed in INEM offices, while membership in the Social Security descends by 86,174 people….

If to this we add the precarious labor precariousness of basic rights such as education and health-victims of savage cuts, alongside the dismantling and privatization of basic public services, the picture becomes bleak, and should be considered as a real provocation and insult to our dignity….. Continue reading “Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.”

Take the Streets. Spanish Revolution update

Witnessing the umpteenth attempt demobilization and distraction by the CCOO and UGT and the institutional left, under the umbrella of an alleged Social Summit, right at the time when we suffer the most savage attacks on the rights of workers by capitalism .
We are not facing a crisis, this is a big scam, before the inevitable consequences of capitalism, promoted by the greedy policies of the IMF, World Bank, European Union and the ECB and its political arm in the Spanish state: the PP, the PSOE and his cohorts.
Attacks on workers over the years have been constant, differing in PP and PSOE forms.

Spain: Social Revolution begins as Capitalism Collapses.

by Common Dreams

As Spain’s Recession Darkens, Alternative Economies Rise

As Spain’s economic recession has continued to deepen, conditions for people within the country are expected to get worse following austerity measures that increasingly cut into everyday economic survival, Reuters reports Tuesday. However, as many economists grapple over numbers, and search for signs of hope for a free market revival, many people within Spain have increasingly started to turn to alternative currency systems, or parallel euro-free economies — giving up the ghost of a neoliberal recovery in exchange for a new way. Continue reading “Spain: Social Revolution begins as Capitalism Collapses.”

Spanish Revolution Diary for Sept 2012.

A sweltering August has given us a break in the frantic escalation of cuts repression and protests in Spain.

But September will be all GO, running up to the ultimate sellout when the Govt. accepts workers slavery to the terms of a national ”Bailout” .

Included are the ‘anonymous’ call to storm the Congress on 25th Sept and the general Strike, Sept 26th, see below.

Will we have to sacrifice our health, jobs, schools to pay back,  for ever and ever, the private debts of the banks, and the billions ‘disappeared’ by the 1%?

Diary for Sept 2012 (a selection) Continue reading “Spanish Revolution Diary for Sept 2012.”

schools out!..General education strike in Spain

Huelga de toda la educación en protesta por los recortes

General Strike in education vs. the cuts. Massive demos, 100,000 in Madrid and Barcelona. Students arrested for gluing locks. Demos controlled by Unions and Teachers.

  • Los sindicatos cifran en un 80% el seguimiento; el Gobierno lo rebaja al 19,41
  • Masivas marchas en las principales ciudades españolas
  • Las camisetas verdes también llegan al Congreso
  • Dos detenidos en Madrid -ya puestos en libertad- y cinco en Barcelona
  • La jornada empezó con encierros nocturnos en las facultades

General Strike vs. IMF.. tomorrow in Greece..

#617 | Transportation on the day of the General Strike – latest info

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The following alterations have been announced to the schedule of public transportation in Athens for tomorrow, June 15th:

  • Buses will run from 9 am to 9 pm
  • Trolleys will run from 8 am to 10 pm
  • The metro (lines 2 and 3) will run from 8 am to the end of its shift (around 00.30)
  • Line 1 of the metro (green line) will only run from 8 am to 9 pm.
  • Trams will run from 7 am to 11 pm.

There will be no trains (OSE) and no suburban railway services.

The metro will only run to Doukisis Plakentias stop (not to/from the airport) as the remainder of the line is part of the OSE network, which is on strike.

There will be no boat/ ferry services across the country.

#616| Pick a point, go there, stay there: on Wednesday June 15th we encircle and we block parliament

Monday, June 13, 2011

222 1024x659 #616| Pick a point, go there, stay there: on Wednesday June 15th we encircle and we block parliament


The map above pins the three blockade points that have been called by the Syntagma Assembly for Wednesday, June 15th at 7 a.m. These are Syntagma Square, the Panathenean Stadium and the metro stop “Euagelismos”. The General Strike demonstration will start at 11 a.m. at the Archeological Museum (on Patision Ave, by the Polytechnic) and will also head to Syntagma square.

The 15th of June is not the day of just another demonstration, and it’s not just another action. It has to be the first day of us taking back our lives, us striking back at this unprecedented assault by state, capital and the crypto-fascism of national consensus.

Words have little value at this point – everyone to the streets!

#615 | The popular assembly of Syntagma square calls for the blockade of Parliament – the new IMF agreement shall not pass

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last night (June 11th) the popular assembly of Syntagma square announced a call to blockade the Greek parliament ahead of the voting of the so-called Mid-term agreement between the Greek government and the troika (IMF/ECB/EU). The new agreement includes wild tax increases, the further slashing of wages and pensions and the lay-off of approximately more 100,000 civil servants in the next few years.

The call-out for the blockade below is one of the most important acts we have seen by the Syntagma assembly so far. June 15th is gearing up to become a historical day in Greece, a crucial chance to block off the charge-ahead of neoliberalism here.

Don’t be a spectator to this – translate and disseminate the text below; organise a gathering where you are, or come join us at Syntagma. This is the struggle for and of our lives.

Greek original

24 hours in the streets!


June 15th, we encircle Parliament

Now that the government is trying to vote in the mid-term agreement, we encircle Parliament, we gather and we stay at Syntagma.

All together, we continue and strengthen the mobilisations that began on May 25th. Our first stop is the General Strike of June 15th. We won’t stop until they withdraw it.

We support by all means the General Strike and we demonstrate peacefully. On June 15th, we do not work  and we do not consume. We coordinate with all citizens who want to express their disagreement to the mid-term agreement, with the strikers and their unions, with the popular assemblies, with mobilisations and occupations across the country. We call artists to support the mobilisation, to take to the streets with us and to give it their own touch. We will have three big meeting points:

Everyone on Wednesday June 15th, at 7 am:

1. In front of Parliament

2. At the metro stop Euagelismos

3. At the Panathenaic Stadium (on Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue)

Until June 15th we will be going all over Athens to make sure that the call of the Popular Assembly of Syntagma is spread everywhere. We give a meeting of struggle for the day of the voting in of the Mid-term agreement.

Let’s make our own voice heard loudly:


Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square June 11th, 2011

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