London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for $37m. report

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NH3 Cost benefit analysis 1. draft report

Conversion of London Buses to zer0 % of CO2 and toxic gas emissions.

This diagram is the JACKPOT for those really seeking an answer to CO2 and Climate Change. An ‘off the shelf’ NH3 production process is CO2 free and makes a fuel that is also Co2 free and produces no toxic gases when burnt. Available from http ://

London Buses manages one of the largest bus networks in the world. Approximately 7,500 iconic red buses carry more than six million passengers each weekday on a network serving all parts of Greater London.

Carbon emissions (approx) = 1.3kg per kilometer  www.carb –

London buses covered 468m km in 2008…pdf

468m km X 1.3kg =  608.4million kg p.a…. that`s about 608,400 tons of  CO2 a year saved converting to CO2 free fuel! Continue reading “London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for $37m. report”

‘Gasoline’ 100% free of CO2 and pollutants Exists NOW

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     For nearly 100 years we have been forced to use petroleum, causing environmental devast


ion, runaway climate change and the agonizing deaths of countless millions of us through air pollution.

Now at last, with Climate Chaos becoming a daily reality, people are starting to  ‘discover’ that a CO2, NOx and SOx FREE alternative has existed all along.

We are doing a micro campaign on this blog in favour of this  CO2-free fuel. It’s a reformist solution, but one that’s available NOW

The criminal oil industry wants to close blogs like this, afraid prices would collapse if we started making NH3 car fuel.. locally with just wind, air and water

Please can you help? We need lots of free publicity and to persuade ‘respectable’ blogs, magazines, etc to write about it.

I’ve done some research and lots of posts and links you can view HERE note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. Continue reading “‘Gasoline’ 100% free of CO2 and pollutants Exists NOW”

New Zealand: Oil disaster on Tauranga reef

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New Zealand said it was preparing for an environmental disaster Friday as a container ship stranded off the North Island threatened to break up and spill oil into the pristine Bay of Plenty.

Source: Supplied by John Mathieson Rena, the ship stranded off the coast of Tauranga after striking the Astrolabe Reef

The 47,000 tonne container vessel “Rena”, which hit a reef off the coast of Tauranga earlier this week, has already created an oil slick more than five-kilometres (three miles) long that has killed a number of seabirds. Continue reading “New Zealand: Oil disaster on Tauranga reef”

Wind to blow away Nukes in Japan?

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Maybe the horrific Fukushima disaster will finally make the Japanese  embrace renewable energy?. Has a major technological breakthrough in Japan created a new generation of wind turbines that finally destroy the claims by the nuclear lobby that renewables can’t match their dangerous and dirty radioactive power?

IF the designers are right, the implications are immense. If we were to be conservative and say that all it does is double the output this really could be the end of any of those arguments about the cost of nuclear actually being cheaper than renewables (Ask the workers and local people at Fukushima how they define cost) … Continue reading “Wind to blow away Nukes in Japan?”

Al Gore leads charge against Deniers..again.

corporate media control imposes climate denial syndrome

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Al Gore is stepping up the charge with a new initiative: The Climate Reality Project. It kicks off with 24 hours of presentations, staggered across 24 time zones, on September 14, 2011.

The point, Gore explains in the introductory video above, is to show that the “new normal”—characterized by increasing instances of severe storms, drought, and an overall higher global temperature—is anything but ordinary.

“Yet around the world,” he says, “we are still subjected to polluter-financed misinformation and propaganda designed to mislead people about the dangers we face from the unfolding climate crisis. Those who want to protect their own short-term financial interest are employing the same strategy first used by tobacco companies years ago to mislead the public about the science linking cigarettes to disease and death.”

Continue reading “Al Gore leads charge against Deniers..again.”

9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies

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“It is deeply disconcerting that the oil industry not only has a swarm of lobbyists here in Washington, as well as in all the state legislatures where decisions about drilling are made, they’ve also got

‘truth’ is one more designer product

multimillion dollar advertising campaigns and think tanks”

Meanwhile a horde of ultra right wing bloggers, half of them fascists, religious fanatics or  ‘Bots for the Kochs’, have infested the internet, so you can’t believe anything there either.

For the similar reasons the US is the only country in the world where most people REFUSE TO BELIEVE in Climate Change that has been proven millions of times.

Anything but corporate profit is false by definition. Scientific proof is routinely trashed.

While FRACKING is being banned on health grounds in European countries “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is issuing a permit every two to 30 minutes, without having any idea what this could mean for the community or the environment,” Lo Basso stressed.

“The DEP’s own website has recorded 11 violations by gas companies each day, yet there is no regulation of the process.” According to FWW, 15 million people rely on the Delaware River Basin for their fresh drinking water. Continue reading “9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies”

Pollution deaths:new techniques unmask Oil criminals.

Professor Barbara Maher from the Lancaster Environment Centre, Catherine Moore from the University of East Anglia and Dr Juergen Matzka from the Danish Meteorological Institute analysed roadside tree leaves from a dual carriageway with 30,000 vehicles a day. They found that concentrations of lead and iron particles were highest at the height of a small child – 0.3m, posing some health risk at any level of exposure, particularly with regard to brain and kidney damage, hearing impairment and cognitive development in children.

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..

Cheap tests on leaf traces can now show exact local pollution levels, and can prove the the exact source and composition of the invisible toxic chemical cocktail of NOx and SOx we live in.

Soon victims and their families will be able to take Court cases against polluting industries and the oil and vehicle industries.

In the UK about 40,000 people p.a. die as ‘extra deaths’ caused by air pollution, and the WHO gives a figure of 2,400,000  deaths a year world wide.

All these and the countless ill and disabled are due compensation from the greedy capitalists who use this technology KNOWING FULL WELL THAT POLLUTION FREE ALTERNATIVES EXIST (See below).

A team led by Dr Barbara Maher at Lancaster University have developed and proven a technique  which measures pollution levels precisely by Continue reading “Pollution deaths:new techniques unmask Oil criminals.”

Obama allows poison air massacre for Big Oil

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If the 1-in-6 African-American kids with asthma could just hold their breath until 2013, they should be fine.

In his latest attack on the environment, President Barack Obama today announced that he is directing the EPA to withdraw standardsthat would have cut smog pollution from automobiles, power plants, and refineries. Obama might want to consider that wheezing kids, no jobs, and caving to Big Oil do not a reelection make.

The standards Obama blocked could have saved up to 120,000 lives by 2020,  and slashed tens of thousands of children’s asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. The environmental justice organization Green for All summed it up when it tweeted (referring to Obama’s delaying action on ozone until at least 2013, when he may be out of office):

More broadly, by blocking the smog standards, Obama is jettisoning one of the few remaining major job creation programs he can create without Congress. Notwithstanding oil industry propaganda, the EPA’s analysis shows that the smog rules would have created a whopping $17 billion in economic benefits — everything from health care savings from avoided asthma attacks to job creation in American-made pollution controls. Continue reading “Obama allows poison air massacre for Big Oil”

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